Is There A Political Solution?

If Trump is going to pursue a style of leadership that his voters by majority voted against- then here’s an idea- those of us young people who saw a glimpse of hope in the outsider Trump, us who have now been betrayed- to eat a black pill– and what do I mean by that? I mean consider the possibility that solutions to the problematic cores that effect us do not lie in the political realm.

If a political solution did exist- if the glimpse of true change we sensed from Trump’s campaign were to be fully manifested in a leader of power- make no mistake- such a leader would be destroyed in quicker time than it took Trump to turn on us.

But we’ll see no such leader because the true leaders of America, the financiers, we do not see. My assumption is that Trump’s family was threatened- or breached (ie. Kushner) and that’s how he’s being manipulated. It’s not Trump’s style to be on the side of mainstream media in reference to Assad’s alleged responsibility for the ‘chemical attack.’

Trump being triggered by ‘beautiful babies’ killed in a ‘chemical attack’ contradicts his ‘America First’ proclamation; I mean, innocent civilians, babies included, are murdered daily by undesirable regimes worldwide. Even in the supposed beacon of peace and prosperity, Mother Sweden, there are Muslims swearing allegiance to ISIS and plowing trucks into civilians, literally dismembering ‘beautiful baby’ Swedes.

So, I guess Trump is convinced it’s best to take out Assad, the rival of ISIS in Syria, because he supposedly (a groundless claim, as Putin called it) gassed his own civilians. If ‘beautiful babies’ being killed under government regimes was our ‘red line’ we’d be sending tomahawks like spam across the globe.

My point is, Trump’s not doing this to assert his morality. He’s being puppetized.

And so- the question arises- is there really, and can there ever be within the current ‘democratic’ conditions of the United States- a political solution? The answer I’ve teetered upon since my involvement in caring about the future of my people, and feel obliged to claim now is…No!

There are, however, personal solutions that you and I can begin to pursue today in relation to our future. They include contributing the lowest possible amount of earnings to a rotten system and refraining as much as possible to participate in our debt-driven economy. They also include the Six Points of a Simple Life. 

What was it that made Trump commit to an act of war in Syria? Was it pressure from the public to disprove his so-called, now defunct bromance with Putin? Was it really Kushner breathing down his neck? #FireKushner sure, but will that even change what has become the tragic downfall of our so-called god emperor, the man who couldn’t be bought, the politically-incorrect swamp drainer? I don’t think it will.

The swamp of the modern world needs more than one plumber. Collectively, we can be the change this world needs if we become autonomous. Go forth, raise chickens, plant trees, study child rearing, apply said studies, live without debt, and make your life great- only you have the power to do so.


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