The Tragedy of Trump. #NoSyriaWar

Trump was voted in for his ‘America First’ rhetoric. His domestic interests were a border wall, deporting of illegals with priority given to criminals, and rebuilding infrastructure while making jobs for Americans. His foreign policy, it seemed, would be at least an effort to avoid unnecessary conflict overseas, the likes of which have plagued our nation for decades- certainly longer than I’ve been alive.

With the strike on Syria, Trump betrayed his Anti-war voters. If we wanted war, we would have voted for his opponent- a woman who was giddy when we tore down Gaddafi in Libya and let ISIS take over- a woman who advocated the heightening of tensions, to put it mildly, with both Iranian and Russian forces. And of course, with the scent of war in the air, she’s risen from the fire-swamp to bash Assad and declare America’s responsibility to ‘take out’ his airfields.

And so, the likes of Clinton, John McCain, and Marco Rubio now support Trump’s attack on Assad, while apparently Steve Bannon’s influence drops as Ivanka and Kushner get cozy. This is not ‘America First,’ it’s warmongering neoconservatism and pandering yet again to Israeli interests- it’s not a drained swamp, but a bubbling, stinking lagoon steaming in the sun!

To note- It makes no sense that Assad would attack his citizens when he is winning the war against ISIS with the support of Russia and, until very recently, the consideration of Trump. Without substantial evidence, the mainstream media spouts an anti-Assad allegation and present us with pictures of dead children. Sound like propaganda? Well, put it up with the previously debunked accusations on Assad, the false claims that Iraq had nuclear weapons during Bush’s presidency, the lies used to justify taking out Gaddafi, etc, etc.


A week before the chemical attack, Rex Tillerson (Sec of State) said “The longer-term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people,” suggesting a realization of the foreign policy we hoped for. Now there’s a ‘coalition forming to target Assad’ according to Fox News? All because these pictures of dead babies are being shoved in our faces? And would we prefer ISIS to take over, the beloved ‘rebels,’ as they did in Libya under Obama?

This election was the first I was eligible to vote in and I voted Trump. I was skeptical, as one is, but I supported his stances and renounced his opponent’s. The nagging idea that there is no political solution had to be put aside for the time being- but now that black pill is glowing.

Bring our soldiers home! #NoSyriaWar


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