On the eve of another attack

There has been another Islamic attack on the West. London, the most likely place for such a thing to happen, where whites are now a minority, and where the mayor himself, Sadiq Khan, claimed that terrorism is simply ‘part and parcel’ of living in a big city, was host to an attack on British Parliament by a British Muslim preacher.

What is it with white westerners, that attack after blatantly revolutionary attack, we lack impulse- we do not organize to demonstrate, we do not protest lying media bent on subverting attention. Some individuals use the occasion, one of many similar occasions, to prove their pro-western cause righteous with memes and critique of the media’s dishonest coverage or lack of any.

Are we too busy working, stressing about the upkeep of our homes and responsibilities, paying taxes that fund our own downfall by incentivizing the invasion of third-world ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’? Are we too comfortable and would rather choose denial or to hand off responsibility to someone else? Are we too busy philosophizing and gritting our teeth, nit-picking over specific issues while sheeplike westerners march chanting ‘diversity is our strength’ as the media projects it through the airwaves?

Yes, we are.

We’re too busy with unimportant things. Our blood matters. Our soil matters. Those two elements are the root of everything that defines our past, present, and future. Islam is a foreign religion and ideology that seeks to dominate the West, and the less likely it is for the West to ‘chop some heads’ so to speak, the more emboldened Islamic missionaries will become.

The youth must reject social decadence, realize that equality is a myth, and diversity of ethnicity and religion is not a strength but a creator of tension and violence. We have to embrace ourselves, have large families, and relearn our native European worldview. Becoming ourselves is an act that will result in true change for the betterment of the West.
And we all know something must change.


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