A Response to Paul Watson’s ‘Conservatism is the New Counter-Culture’ video.

I’ve been screaming ‘Traditionalism is the counter-culture’ since September. Sometime during the fall, I found out that ‘conservative performance artist’ Martina Markota posted a video in November called “Conservatism is the new counter-culture” and after a brief moment of self-flattery, thinking she had ripped me off (she had followed me on Instagram, so it wasn’t a totally far-fetched notion), I found her article of the same title from that summer. Last month, Paul Watson of Infowars released a video using Markota’s headline. Apparently she had been trying to get an interview for some time. So he ripped her off.

It doesn’t matter who said it first. It’s an observation, not an invention. By Watson’s own word, many of his followers are under twenty, so his videos could very well be playing a role influencing Generation Z. I’ve enjoyed his content before. He provides researched, to-the-point, meme-ified videos, and steers clear of any topic too controversial. It makes sense that he has a wider fan base than Jared Taylor.

He’s also a businessman, a one-man alternative media outlet who cares more about making the right business move than pushing the envelope. Good for him. I couldn’t do it- I’d feel phony. To become a successful on the Infowars level, or even as a YouTube personality, you really have to stick to your shtick.

Commentators like Watson, Gavin McInnes, and Milo Yiannopolous are reaching those who’ve had enough of leftist puritanism and speech policing. They capitalized on 2015- the year of the SJW- and Trump’s campaign. Unfortunately for Markota, these guys own a lot of that Trumpian territory as of now. Above all, they’re businessmen.

Yiannopolous has been taking stabs at Alt-Right founder Richard Spencer, threatened by the stir a Spencer university tour would cause, being that campuses are Milo territory. I guess one-liner titles and dry humor are Watson’s, so there you go, Martina: you handed him that one, and he ran away with it, because Trump-supporter or not, these guys have their sales, clicks, and subscribers to tend to.

The essence of the rising counter-culture will not be that of Infowars, Breitbart, or Rebel Media for this reason. Pro-Trump rhetoric and cultural libertarianism is the tip of the iceberg, the preface, to the breaking down of taboos which will ideally lead to a reinstatement of the traditional family and a lowering of living standards. No undercurrent of culture is going to be the same force capitalizing on the shifting winds. Watson is a bit too caught up in click-baiting and churning out material.

Outrage exists because the ideas leftists claim to fight against exist. They catch the scent of White nationalism and attack the most prominent figureheads that are right of them- guys who get really flustered and defensive at the assumption that they’re correlated with White nationalism. Steering clear of accusations of racism is important for them. Milo verbally beheads any interviewer who tries to associate him with White nationalism.

Leftists are fighting the wrong people and making themselves look like idiots in the process. In effect, they’ll either force constitutionalists and classical liberals to the right, or force them to place themselves in the middle of two extremes where they’ll be eaten up culturally by a more politically inclined youth growing up. Kids will wind up entertaining ethno-nationalism when they rebel against the culture they’ve been raised in. They’ll re-observe history. They’ll become survivalist and tribalists. The far left will have created the very enemy they’re flailing after and the middle-of-the-roaders will deny responsibility for having opened the floodgates. 

New voices on the right aren’t going to spend so much time debunking allegations of racism after the media and antifa has viciously attacked every non-self-hating white person from Donald Trump to PewDiePie for being just that. To me, such accusations have been totally nullified. 

I personally think the world would be stronger and more peaceful with mostly homogeneous societies. Tribalistic culture is most in-line with human nature, so first we have to rebuild the foundation of the traditional family and lower our living standards dramatically. I don’t like multiculturalism, it’s the root of tension and violence, and although egalitarianism might be dreamed up with good motives, its ransacked and exploited for the benefit of few.
One a breakthrough is made, it effects the general awareness. Paul Watson can fancy himself as Generation Z’s Sid Vicious, but by the time they’ve grown up, he won’t be fooling anyone anymore- only those who keep pushing the envelope toward a closure embrace of human nature and righteousness- those who make necessary sacrifices- will be revered.




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