McCain Names Wrong Enemy During Mattis Hearing

Mattis testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill

Photo credit: PBS

This morning I tuned into the confirmation hearing for General James Mattis, Trump’s choice for Secretary of Defense in his upcoming administration. “Mad dog” Mattis was a hugely popular choice among Trump supporters for his strong reputation gained over forty years of service in the U.S. Military.

As Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, John McCain primarily addressed Mattis during the hearing. It was an awkward interview to watch. McCain continuously made allegations against Russia and President Vladimir Putin specifically, accusing him of “wanting” and “needing” the U.S. as his enemy, which by the looks of the U.S. mainstream media clinging to a Russian strawman for the last three months, seems like a projection. McCain goes on to deem Putin’s presidency a “trail of death, destruction, and broken promises,” heavily criticizing his involvement in Ukraine, even summarizing an anecdote in a feeble attempt to seem heartfelt towards fallen Ukrainian soldiers.

McCain’s most backwards accusation deemed Putin dismissive of the threat of ISIS, and that even if he was aware of the threat (which he is) and is ready to take action upon violence or threat thereof upon Russia (which he most certainly is), “he will never be our partner.” So, in other words, if ISIS, which is the actual ‘threat to western values’ that McCain claims Putin is, was the common target of the U.S. and Russia, Putin still would have no chance of being a U.S. ally? While ISIS continues to seize power and gain respect, influencing young Muslims to incite violence in western countries, us Americans would do better to passively recognize the “breakdown of regional order” in the Middle East (hm, I wonder who’s responsible for that…) instead of naming ISIS. We should combat Russia, a stable, first-world, Christian, European nation under a president who has protected them for over fifteen years, causing us Americans no harm. Right?


Photo credit: Tea Party Tribune

If McCain thinks smearing Russia with irrelevant and outright disprovable talking points, while leaving the faults of the U.S. government unmentioned will in any way pressure Mattis’s actions as Secretary of Defense, or sway the Senate, he’s an idiot. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume his pockets have been filled by George Soros, the regressive left’s sugar daddy and longtime puppet-master. I got the sense McCain couldn’t care less about the well being of his native country or the persuasiveness of his accusations based on his energy level while dishing them out. With the power of social media, especially in the context of this election, no politician in their right mind would assume that the population takes them on their word or level of media support.

It seems as if Nationalism, or any recognition of identity or responsibility, is the sworn enemy of some of the most popular western politicians. The post-WWII “world order” was McCain’s other reference point, asserting the importance of sustaining it. Whatever the “world order” is to McCain and the rest of the senate in context to America’s near future may be, the end-goals of globalist figures like Soros are the enemy of culture, identity, and general consciousness of populations. Therefore, democrats and republicans morph into one in the eyes of the public; that’s why Americans elected Trump, a political outsider, and it’s also the cause of the wave of Nationalism sweeping across the west as I type this. No matter how much the “world order” is inflicted on major cities and by the mainstream media, the roots of western civilization, which are deep in its people, are too strong to topple the tree.

The one statement McCain made that I can agree with is that “business as usual is dangerous.” Last year, under Obama, America dropped over 26,000 bombs, with no mercy for civilians, in the Middle East and Africa. According to The Guardian, “US special operators could be found in 70% of the world’s nations” which is “a jump of 130% since the days of the Bush administration.” 20,000 undocumented Syrians, over 40,000 Somalis, 99% of whom are Muslim, settled in the U.S. under Obama, not to mention the millions in Northern and Western Europe. If “anything that challenges the world order” is a threat to McCain’s vision, then the toppling of the current so-called “world order” seems overdue to the civilians of these western nations, none of whom voted for the influx of third-world immigrants who fail to assimilate to the culture and values of their host countries. You’re right, McCain, business as usual is dangerous. And business is about to change.

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Header photo credit: Stars and stripes