Centuries-old Swedish Tradition Suffering in Multicultural Sweden

Attempts to dilute and suppress the European spirit are continuous. This year, according to major news sources in Sweden, many Swedish cities will cease to have processions on St. Lucia’s Day, a centuries-old Christian tradition derived from the Pagan winter solstice festival in which a single girl is chosen to wear a crown of candles to represent Lucia. The reasoning behind the cancellations isn’t new or surprising, just another example of alienating Europeans from their own heritage and people, in this instance, to pander to non-white migrant children who ‘may feel less welcome to participate’ in Lucia which is a ‘very Swedish tradition’ typically associated with ‘blonde women’ (Engman).

Liberal trends will fade from the minds of young Swedes just as quickly as they entered them. Traditions dating back to pre-history, and surrounded with the joys of Yuletide (Christmas), will not fall victim to globalists, who feel there should be no nations or separate cultures, just a faceless, colorless mass, where supposedly we all get along just fine under one group of globalist leaders. If multiculturalism is a force for good, which it claims to be, then why are the native cultures where ‘multiculturalism’ is implemented suffering, even disappearing?

European roots are deep and strong, and European people run high with spirit and pride. My prediction and deepest hope is that upcoming generations of Swedes will embrace the rich cultures of their beautiful homeland.



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