The Default Worldview

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A young person who has gone through the school system in recent years, especially on the university level, should be aware that there is an expected way of thought. If you leave school still questioning what is socially acceptable, your administrators have failed, which contradicts the concept of education. But education and indoctrination are different words with different meanings.

What does ‘the default worldview’ offer us?

1- Third-wave Feminism: Not to be confused with the first two waves, or the ‘radical notion that women are people.’ Once the industrial world gained steam and became belligerent, women had to fight for equal opportunity and respect. And they did. During the second wave of feminism in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, a radical school emerged with bitter mutations. I won’t dismiss the stubborn glory of an extremist, but I have nothing good to say about ‘haters.’ Radical feminists became prominent in gender studies at universities, grew older and more bitter, and planted (and continue to plant) seeds of befuddling hatred the minds of young people. In today’s universities, a reasonable, down-to-earth woman teaching a gender studies course is bound to be nailed as a henchman for ‘the patriarchy’ by students who are convinced such a threat exists.  The only oppression women face in the west today (other than threats brought on by multiculturalism, which is another discussion) is modern feminism, a philosophy that misleads by using the same term heroines of the past used for the suffrage movement and for gaining equal opportunity. Convincing girls to prioritize degrees and careers over family is disrespectful and invasive, in my opinion. Naturally, motherhood is the definitively feminine power, and shouldn’t be poo-pooed in favor of things more finite.

2- Multiculturalism: The word in itself is a farce. Only one culture can exist in a land and for it’s people, and every people are entitled, I believe, to their own. Think of a painter’s palette. If you mesh the colors together, you get an undefined dark paint. ‘Diversity’ has ceased to exist on the palette…

3- White guilt. Why is multiculturalism pushed in Europe and America, not Africa and Asia? To social justice warriors, being white, and male especially, is inherently a racist endeavor. If I want to join their club, I should repress these traits, become a woman and wear a dashiki. Or, as an alternative, I can live in self-hatred. Following my ancestral awakening, so to speak, I was called a ‘nazi’ by my closest friends. I assume remarks with a negative connotation aren’t made to a young African-American embracing their cultural ancestry. Why do we buy a narrative that claims one is more acceptable than the other?

Being raised and coming of age within the school system is a bewildering experience either way. The stresses of socializing and self-identifying without any viable guidance is enough of a task in itself. Combine media influence and parents who are just as confused as the child, then install the above points in university and reinforce them with low-brow entertainment, all done in a ‘politically correct’ manner, and the cycle of unsustainable materialism and overall confusion is bound to repeat itself. The children are the future. Why have them just to hand them over to someone else?


~Embrace freedom of thought~

~Traditionalism is the counter-culture~


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