For a simple, traditional life…

While ambiguity is an important and natural quality for the arts, the sickness of our world is an urgent matter, and the gods, and our beautiful Mother Earth deserve a prompt, straightforward reaction. Here are some basic guidelines for anyone disenchanted, discouraged, confused and/or frustrated at our sick world. For young people, they are points to consider as you become independent.  These are not immediately attainable goals, but if we start today to educate and prepare ourselves accordingly, our families will be happier, simpler folk closer in touch with nature, the inescapable force that will always win in the end. Inspired by/adapted from the Thulean Perspective/Ancestral Cult blog.

-1- Lower your living standards.

-2- “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” (Voltaire) If you so much as question something ‘scientific evidence’ says is true, you will be mocked. Politicians have used this to their advantage, to the point that ‘science’ is reduced to a tool for the left. Always trust your instincts and intellect over such forces.

-3- “Govern your home, govern your life.” The less money you spend on unnecessary products and services, the more options you will have, and the handier you will become.

-4-  Get in touch with your ancestry (your nature, your blood) through archeology, history, fairy tales, etc. For those of European descent, look to ancient Europe. Be wary of studies in this field, though, as most of the literature by scholars is written through a distorting lens. In school, we learn to dismiss the gods as childish or naive. Native European culture is completely misunderstood in this context.

In order to gain a well-rounded awareness of your forebears, you have to do a lot of dot-connecting and reasoning using your own intellect. A lot has been destroyed since those simpler times, and many of it, in fact, was never written down (Note: The Druids, the priest class of Celtic society, were not illiterate; they chose to not write doctrine because they believed it would keep the memory strong and the doctrine safe). There is enough, though. Many old European values and traditions, the high festivals most definitely, were adopted by (and adapted for) Christians.

-5- Live where you can see stars at night.

-6- Embrace adversity. Solve problems yourself instead of immediately seeking assistance. Take the difficult path to strengthen your character and learn more.

Happy simpilizing.




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